When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall






Love is in the air!  As a photographer, there is never a season that makes me more excited than just at the end of summer with the first hint of fall.  The sun is shining and there are speckles of yellows and oranges up in Park City.  A perfect day for an engagement shoot.










I love this sequence below!  No, this is not the photo they would put on their announcement, but these are the photos that show life, relationship – MOMENTS.


025-DSC_7759 2 026-DSC_7762 2


009-DSC_7796 2


010-DSC_8327 021-DSC_7973





001-DSC_7340 002-DSC_7815






And the shoes, of course :)


008-DSC_7781 2


011-DSC_8476 007-DSC_7996








Now, we actually had an audience for the Park City Main Street photos.  A group stood behind me trying to figure out how the lights were working and how we could get a decent photo when it was so dark, and another group cheered when they dipped in the middle.  I think it’s always fun – and Geoffrey and Lauren seem to be perfect models, they can handle the paparazzi, the attention – makes my job easy!





Will You Marry Me?

(note from Whitney – as I started writing this blog post, it felt like an illustrated children’s book.  So I went with it!  My commentary may seem a little bit different than usual…)






A beautiful room, upstairs at La Caille,  Geoffrey anxiously waits for Lauren to arrive.  She thinks she is there for a tour of the reception venue, little does she know…






The first words out of her mouth were “What are you doing here?”  Which she repeated 3 times.  Geoffrey smiled, took her hand, and walked her over to the tv where they watched a movie he made.







Then there was dancing.







And she said yes!









She was definitely surprised!







And they were happy.







And excited.








Geoff and Lauren, Cheers!  Today is the first day of the rest of your life :)











A Family, a Baby, and a Couple o’ Dogs





One of the aspects of my job as a photographer I appreciate most is the variety from day to day.  I love photographing wedding – we built the brand Whitney Lewis Photography around weddings.  Nothing in the world makes me happier than taking great photos of lightning.  People, portraits, and headshots – the faces, expressions, personalities.  I get to travel!  To go to new cities, National Parks, states, even countries…  And I get to meet and be inspired by the stories and relationships of amazing people.


Sometimes, however, I forget how unique each session is.  I’ve done hundreds of family sessions, and each one is different.  It is true.  THIS session reminded me to open my eyes and celebrate the uniqueness of each person (including babies!) and family.  What a fun shoot we had.  Everyone was so chill, little Harrison and all the adults!  That is certainly unique.  And refreshing.  Sigh…  These guys were so cute.









This is what we call:  puppy love :)














Today, I am feeling particularly grateful for all my clients.  I love working with happy people!!