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Engagements – Downtown Salt Lake

      I had a lot of fun working with Kenzie and Alex.  It was the evening after our most recent bridal show, so an extremely long day.  We were sleep deprived and completely drained of energy from talking to people all day.  But what an INCREDIBLE day!  Then Kenzie and Alex show up [...]

2013 Comes to a Close… Weddings in Review

  The clock struck midnight and everyone cheered, kissed, danced, hugged…  My phone buzzed with messages of gratitude,  messages of well wishes for future, and  messages of love, friendship, reflection.  I had a few moments to sit and reflect as well.  While there’s nothing particularly different about the moment of midnight December 31st than any [...]

1000 Stock Photos Downloaded!!

  Today is a day for celebration :)   I have been an istockphoto contributor since November 2011 and yesterday, my 1000th photo was downloaded! The 1000th image purchased happens to be one of my most popular, and coincidentally it’s also a wedding-themed photo.       Also, I will be looking for istock models [...]