A Perry Happy Birthday

I had the privilege of meeting David Perry last December.  He's an incredibly talented videographer and an amazing person.  I am most impressed with how he treats the bride and groom through the wedding process.  He views the wedding day as a celebration of the marriage and the beginning of a new family, not just a big production and another day at work.  He is one of the rare few who is actually successful at doing what's best for the client, not just for himself.  You cannot find a more genuinely caring and nice individual.  If you are looking for videography, or just need another blog to stalk, do yourself a favor and check out David Perry Films.
I had the opportunity to hang out with his family to photograph his youngest son's first birthday party.

David's wife Danielle made this beautiful cake herself, and the rest of the decorations were hand carved! Oh, to be that crafty one day....

You can already tell Hudson has the camera bug.  In a few years, maybe he'll be shooting your wedding!   :D