Studio Day Minipost #6- Baby Lindy (Hop)

I first met Alan and Lexi at a local dance event (actually, it was all part of the same dance community where I met Thomas). We both danced Lindy Hop, a classic social dance that started in the 20s and 30s and is still going strong today. It's also the form of dance known for "exchanges", a wonderful tradition where dancers fly or drive to cities (often across the country) with other dance communities and stay up all night for several days to dance nonstop. Aside from being an excuse to take road trips and dress up in vintage clothes with people as crazy as you are, the idea is that dancing with people from all different places, with all different styles, will make you a better dancer. Lindy Hoppers like to dance anywhere, with anyone, as much as possible, so even when there wasn't an exchange to attend, Alan went dancing at local venues every week. It was at another venue here in Utah that he met Lexi, who originally started out primarily dancing West Coast swing, before she got hooked on Lindy Hop. They got married and shortly thereafter they had a beautiful little girl. Although I'm always thrilled to have more babies to shoot, something was extra great about this one. Really, what is more appropriate a name for the daughter of two passionate Lindy Hop dancers than "Lindy"?
She is beautiful.
black and white, b&w, baby photo, newborn

baby feet, basket, overalls
So is her mom.

This may not be a vintage skirt, but she does look excited about the whole dancing-exchange-road-trip idea. She definitely has the sleep deprivation thing down.
ballet skirt, toole, baby excited, suitcases
By the way, I promise that while I love crying babies, this is not intentional.
(But it is darling.)
crying baby, basket, quilt
Is it bad that I want to pack her up in this and run away with her?

I won't though, I guess.
...Swing dancers are fast.
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