Alli & Josh- A New Kind of Engagement Session

Ok, when Allison and Josh contacted me to do their engagements, they told me they wanted to do something a little different.  "When you're engaged is when you plan the wedding... so why don't we make the engagements session a record of the process?"  So in one session we hit up a florist, a very cute cake place, a bridal shop, a tux shop, a reception center, and finally finished up for some celebratory ice cream.  It was great!  I love it when couples have such fun and creative ideas for their photos!  

This next photo is so touching... how a couple can just sit and end up holding hands, without even realizing it.  That's true love, in my eyes.

This cake store was awesome!  Bundt cakes, as far as the eye could see!  They were delicious, but as we drove away to the next spot on our list, I couldn't help but think of the line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (a fantastic wedding movie, btw)-   "This kayk has a hole in it."

The groom isn't supposed to see the bride in her dress before the big day... unless he sneaks a peek when she isn't looking.

What is the answer to a long day's wedding planning?  The world's largest brownie sundae, of course!