Amanda and Stefan: Saved for a rainy day

  I know Amanda from Austin and was thrilled to hear that she was engaged.  She and Stefan are currently attending BYU-Idaho and so they came down to Utah to do the engagement shoot.  We started off at Trolley Square in downtown Salt Lake and finished up at Liberty Park.


I tell you though, I have not ever shot outside when it was raining quite that hard!  Snow yes, rain no.  It was awesome!  Everything was reflective and looked especially vibrant and alive.  Thomas was running around like a crazy person trying to keep the equipment dry and I totally ruined a pair of shoes but it was completely worth it!    To top it off, both Amanda and Stefan were fabulous and were perfectly happy to go out, get wet, and have fun.


Just look at how alive and green everything is when it rains...  It just screams out SPRING.
I loved all the difference expressions they had for the photos . I think this is the first time someone has given me the peace sign at an engagement shoot though.  Peace, Love and Photography, y'all!