Take me out to the ball game....

  When we take wedding photos, it's rare that the groom is as excited about the experience as the bride.  Craig was such a trooper to be game for all the shoots Alicia had lined up, and so she wanted to set up something to show off his passion.  She's also friends with Danica, and miiiight have gotten a little inspiration from their engagement photos.


So here's engagments part 2: the baseball edition.





You might not be able to see it very well, but Alicia isn't exactly a baseball player herself.  When it was her turn to pitch, the ball may or may not have exactly crossed the plate.




Craig was a pitcher for the Utah Valley University baseball team.  He doesn't play now, but you can still see how he's in his element on the mound.








I believe photos, especially wedding photos, should highlight and celebrate life.  All the emotions, passions, quirks and challenges that are involved.  For Craig and his fiancee, a big part of life centers around a baseball diamond.  I love we were able to do this shoot and show it off properly.