Brittany and Scott

People can meet and fall in love in the most unexpected places. When Brittany signed up for an art class at BYU, she probably wasn't expecting to meet the love of her life, and she certainly wouldn't have predicted the circumstances. I mean, when you picture meeting "the one" for the very first time, they would normally have their clothes on, right? :)
As it turns out, Brittany spent hours sketching her future husband with a roomful of people, all while he sported nothing but a blue speedo (no nude models due to the policies of the church-run campus). I guess it gives a new meaning to the phrase "Love at first sight."
Brittany and Scott were very fun to shoot, and were easy to work with. We got quite a bit of rain (not that you would necessarily notice in the photos), but they were gung ho about the whole process and happily tramped around anywhere I suggested.

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