Days Like Today Make It All Worth It!

  I woke up exhausted this morning!  For the last 3 days I've had unbelievable amounts of energy combined with insomnia, so I have been working out - push ups, planks, running, elliptical  pull ups, dancing, stairs, and whatever else I can think of!  Then today, my body finally slowed down and said "thanks for the workout".  Tired, groggy, and very sore today, but then I had a photoshoot this evening that reminded me why I love my job.  Even when I am tired and not sure if I want to leave the comfort of my office, working in front of my computer with a tv show going on the other screen, I go to a session and remember that it's all about the people.  And I really do love it.


I get to work with amazing people like Mattie and Carston.  These two are just adorable!




I know Mattie from when I was a teenager in Austin, she has a smile that is absolutely contagious.  So positive, so loving, so happy!  I love to be around people like her.  She and her family moved every couple years, and after Austin they moved to France.  She speaks the language quite well and actually taught an elementary school immersion program for a few years.  Luckily, there was "A Bit of Paris" here in Utah also...







This shoot was so much fun because it felt like we were just hanging out.  Laughing, talking, exploring - we hiked around and found some cool little places I had never been!

And Carston is a cop.  Which means we got to play with the car!!  I titled this next photo "What a woman will do to get out of a speeding ticket" which might be a controversial title, but I love the photo anyway.