Katie and Steven

Every once in a while a photographer gets a creative block.  Similar to writer's block but (obviously) not pertaining to writing.  I loved Katie and Steven's shoot because it pulled me out of one of those slumps and inspired me.  I've been trying to decide why their engagements were so different and I think I've come up with a few answers.

1. They brought a ukulele.  Enough said.

2. At the beginning of the shoot Katie told me that they wanted to have fun and they wanted me to have fun.  They weren't worried about getting certain photos because they knew that whatever we got would be great.  Hey, with confidence like that, why wouldn't I feel comfortable with experimenting?  Forget the traditional stuff, and we end up with engagement photos that represent them and their relationship, which is what this is all about anyway, right?

3. Katie and Steven were fearless! Riding on handlebars, standing in freezing cold rivers, walking through suspicious plants (I'm pretty sure it wasn't poison ivy!)...  they just wanted good pictures.  I love that.

4. They were happy and clearly in love.  This is why I shoot weddings.

 038DSC_9271  021DSC_9322

ps.... speaking of ukuleles, enjoy the music.