Mika and Francois

Now, if you follow my posts y'all know I am from Austin, Texas.  Winter for us included about two snow days a year growing up, and any time it got below 32 degrees the entire city pretty much shut down. Our standard daytime low was about 40 or 45 degrees.  So coming to Utah makes it a little depressing one third of the year.  I don't really do well with single digit weather!  However, Mika and Francois were just so cute with their outfits and did so well braving the bitter cold the day of their engagements that it started to change my mind.  I mean, cold weather can be a great romance booster!  You can go get some delicious hot chocolate from the bakery, you get to wear colorful scarves, it's a great excuse to cuddle up and get close to someone.... it can be a lot of fun!
So thanks guys, for opening my eyes a bit more to the better side of these winter days.