Michelle and Trey: Engagement Photos on the Riverwalk

  While we were down in Austin Texas for Katherine and Matt's wedding, I had the privilege of photographing engagements for another close friend.


Trey was one of my favorite people back in high school, where we were both part of the french horn section of the Westlake High School Marching Band.  (It's true.  I was a nerd.  But a really cool nerd.)  So first, here are their photos, then I'll share a few from the good ol' days.


Because we had a wedding dinner that evening, the only time we could do these engagements was about 4 hours after sunset in San Antonio!  It was a challenge, but Trey and Michelle were amazing!  And with the cool atmosphere of the San Antonio Riverwalk night life and the help of my lighting specialist (Thomas carried all the light stands and flashes as we walked the whole way - he might say he was the sherpa, but I'll give him more credit than that), we were good to go!






Going back to Austin always makes sentimental.  I loved my high school years and it's always fun to get back in touch with friends from band (or choir, church, theatre, soccer, etc.)  When I got in touch with Trey a month or two ago, I took some time to back through old photos and it brought back so many memories!  Below are (left) 3 of us French horn players during a Westlake football game and (Right) more band nerds partying in the... wait for it... that's right.  Taco bell parking lot.  It was tradition.  And the cool place to be.  That's Trey's car we're sitting on.  It's possible that he and I took it up to 100mph on the freeway when we discovered we had taken a wrong turn that made it way late on the way to an important music competition.  That car rattled, but we made it to the competition and Trey performed so well he went on to the next round.  Must have been the adrenaline. :)