Salt Lake Engagement Photos - Kiera & Brandon

  A walk around downtown Salt Lake City with Kiera and Brandon!  I always recommend each couple brings a few outfits, and with each outfit change  I got more and more impressed.  I secretly wish that I could own wearing those pants!  ...and the yellow skirt... and the purple shoes...  But at least Kiera looked amazing in them!



I love how sweetly they were looking at each other here:





And it was a cold day!  Seriously guys, I was wearing a pea coat.  But these two just kept smiling, you can't even tell from the photos.  I keep thinking I should set a soundtrack to each photoshoot I do.  This one would definitely be "I've got my love to keep me warm" by Billie Holiday






I want to put this photo in a magazine somewhere.  Or maybe on my wall.  We could do that too!


Urban Engagement Photos







Purple shoes... awesome, right???




I hope these two keep smiling like this for the rest of their lives!  Oh, how I love working with happy people.  And we'll be shooting the wedding in a couple weeks in Los Angeles! California, here we come.