Tara & Chris Pt 1

After I posted the teaser photo from Tara and Chris' engagement shoot in Park City, I realized I never posted the photos from their "save the date" session!  This was back in early fall, with all the gorgeous colors!  In a way, it's great I forgot to post this- about this time of winter I'm done with the cold and grey, and I am ready for summer again.  Bring on the green, the flowers, and the feel of grass under my toes!

The photo below is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.  The expressions here are absolutely priceless.

The colors in the sky were unreal.  Pastels all around!

Weren't these two fantastic models?  So many different emotions across the photos: giddiness, happiness, tenderness, silliness, contentment....

Check out their full gallery here!  It's chock-full of awesomeness.