Viva las Vegas!

A few weeks ago Thomas and I had a road trip down to Vegas for Alexandra and Tyrel's engagements.  We were pretty excited to take a break from the cold weather, and Las Vegas is such an interesting place to shoot that I was looking forward to all the variety we could get from place to place.  We started the engagement shoot at the Venetian Hotel on the strip, then drove out to Lake Las Vegas in Henderson.
We almost got kicked out of the resort at Lake Las Vegas, but I was able to sweet talk the security guard and got us 15 minutes. He even waved at us when he drove away!  (Said he didn't want to disappoint me with my big brown eyes.  I didn't know they were such an asset!)  After we were done, we discussed the matter among ourselves and decided that, after aaaall, one couldn't be quite SURE where the private property was and which resort was which, so we casually meandered over to the other side of the Lake for the remainder of the daylight. We did keep an eye out for our new friend, though.
We got some great sunsets, and even though the light was gone, we decided we were having so much fun that we'd see what night-time Vegas had to offer!  We went up to a spot Alexandra's mom knew about to get an angle on the skyline, and then we headed back downtown.  I'm a huge fan of Ocean's 11, and so I suggested we try the fountains around the Bellagio.

This bridge is where they had their first kiss. Awwwwww... how romantic.  They really really wanted this photo, so despite the fact that there was a no trespassing sign to our right... and despite the fact that a wedding was about to start on the other side of a group of trees 15 yards away... AND despite the fact that we weren't dressed well enough to pretend we were just more guests arriving (the food did look good!),  we snuck down, took our minute and a half, and walked away with everything they needed.  Photos are all about preserving memories, right? So now they have an extra one by the bridge.

The Bellagio is GORGEOUS.  By far, one of the prettiest hotels on the strip.  We did try and get to the exact spot in front of the fountains as the movie, but of course the place was packed and so there were just too many people.  We did end up getting some incredible views with the fountains though.

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