A Family, a Baby, and a Couple o' Dogs





One of the aspects of my job as a photographer I appreciate most is the variety from day to day.  I love photographing wedding - we built the brand Whitney Lewis Photography around weddings.  Nothing in the world makes me happier than taking great photos of lightning.  People, portraits, and headshots - the faces, expressions, personalities.  I get to travel!  To go to new cities, National Parks, states, even countries...  And I get to meet and be inspired by the stories and relationships of amazing people.


Sometimes, however, I forget how unique each session is.  I've done hundreds of family sessions, and each one is different.  It is true.  THIS session reminded me to open my eyes and celebrate the uniqueness of each person (including babies!) and family.  What a fun shoot we had.  Everyone was so chill, little Harrison and all the adults!  That is certainly unique.  And refreshing.  Sigh...  These guys were so cute.









This is what we call:  puppy love :)














Today, I am feeling particularly grateful for all my clients.  I love working with happy people!!