Pinks & Greens: Formals at Sleepy Ridge

  Orchards are awesome.  Especially in the springtime, with little green buds about to burst with blossoms.  Blossoms of Luuuuuve.



Chandra was such a hoot!  She is apparently "everything pink"- pink is DEFINITELY this girl's color.  She is also one of the most naturally expressive girls I have ever shot.  Just look at her- she's so fun and happy and gorgeous.  The shoes she and Roland picked out were also very spring-appropriate.  And after all, if you've been following this blog for a while, you know I am a sucker for nice, vivid colors.



We finished the formals and bridals at the Sleepy Ridge Reception Center in Orem.  The golf course there is beautiful, and has some amazing views.  The wedding reception center itself is also fantastic, and they kindly kept the exterior lit for us so we could get some photos like the one below...