Windy with a chance of marriage

We had a whirlwind formals session with Athena and Cyle the week of their wedding.  They were getting married in Utah but weren't able to come up until that week because Cyle was stationed in Killeen, TX with the U.S. military.  It definitely made for some extra urgency in sorting through and editing the photos so that they could have the print they chose for the reception, but it was so worth it to get to know them a little better before the wedding day and for the chance to get these fun shots!  

Athena suggested the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City so that their formals could have a different feel than the wedding day.  The day was incredibly windy, but the bright sun was amazing on the water thrown up by the fountains in the central plaza there.  Don't they look amazing???

I thought Athena's dress was beautiful, especially when the wind caught the train so perfectly!

Wonderful smiles and laughing faces?  Check.  Beautiful backlighting from the sun?  Check check.  Awesome sparkling water all through the background? Check check check.

This green was perfect.  Just the most spring-tastic shade of green ever!

Like I said though, it was windy.  Very windy.

Some music came on in the plaza, and Cyle was able to show off his mad dance skills...

To finish up, we were able to duck inside the Salt Lake Union Pacific Depot.  The building is gorgeous and the lighting inside was to die for!