Jordan the Ballerina

close up, ballerina, utah portrait photography
You probably recognize Jordan from a previous session I did of her as a bridal ballerina last year, or may have seen a few sneak peeks at this session on Facebook. She and I met up for a session as part of a recent project to specifically focus on window light as a way of refining my skill set as a photographer. She's a gorgeous girl, and a fun friend to hang out with. She was happy to model for me, and we got some portraits of her I was very pleased with. We did run into a bit of an awkward situation during the shoot, though. We were shooting on BYU campus and in the same building with us was a large group of business students, mostly male, who were all getting THEIR photos taken (for a directory or something). So we have a bunch of guys with nothing to do but wait around for their turn in front of the camera. Oh yeah, and watch the girl in tights doing ballet poses by the big windows. .... And whistle occasionally.
window lighting, ballet
Fun while shooting through glass and with tungsten white balance.
silhouette, glass, blue, dance

steel and glass, point dancing

natural light, portraiture
I love the layers of light on her face that we got with the window as the source....
BYU individual portraits

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