Bluesy Blues

  As avid WLP blog-stalkers, I am sure many of you are aware that Thomas and I hold a deep and abiding love for jazz music and traditional jazz dance (e.g. "Lindy Hop", "Charleston", "Balboa", and "Blues", just to name a few).  In fact, we met dancing, and a big highlight from our recent anniversary trip to San Francisco was the dancing we were able to sneak in there.


So when it came time to do another workshop with my current trusty intern Abby, we headed over to the Bluesy Blues Practica, an excellent local blues dance that happens in Salt Lake County every first and third Wednesday in Sandy.  It's a great venue- they do a free lesson, some great dancers turn out for it, and they've got some fantastic blues playing the whole night.  It was the perfect setting for a lesson on flash photography, and specifically one that emulates the type of lighting situations you get at a lot of wedding receptions.  Because I was mostly teaching, not shooting, I didn't get many photos (though I am sure Abby will be posting some of hers soon), but there were a couple I wanted to share with y'all.



See what a difference lighting can make?  Two shots, taken in pretty much the same initial conditions, come out juuuuust a little different.