Cruisin' in the Caribbean


Finding balance in life has always been a challenge.  I have a wonderful husband and a fantastic photography business, but also have to fin time for a social life, down time, creative outlets, emotional and physical health, etc.  Everyone has to juggle these things.  So it comes down to priorities.  Some of you might know that I've increased my prices again for 2012 to have just a little bit less photography in my life and a little bit more rock climbing and other exercise/activities, social life, and me time.  Balance.  I'm hoping my 60-80 hour weeks are over for good and I can improve some of the other areas of my life now.


Anyway, this is a good start.  Last week, for the first time since I've started my photography career, I took a vacation where I was completely off the grid.  No phone or internet because I was cruisin' in the Caribbean.  Just my sister and me.  ...And 6000 other people on the boat.  And it was fantastic!  Still a lot of photography, but I got to focus on a different side of photography than usual - the kind that doesn't include people.  Definitely new for me!  I used to see a sunset and say "I wish I could put a bride in front of this".  Last week I succeeded in seeing the beauty of the sunset by itself.



I am such a social person.  But there is something absolutely wonderful about simple sitting.  Being alone with nature, thinking, breathing, feeling.  I feel like this first photo captured how I feel about that experience.  Life seems simple.  It's just nice.




Below, the name of our boat - we sailed Royal Caribbean.




Jasmine and I on formal night with the huge Christmas tree behind.  We were practicing one flash techniques to overpower the ugly tungsten lights that caused shadows on our eyes.  Jasmine was just given a camera for her birthday, so it was awesome to practice and teach a little bit.  We're coming up on 4 years that I got a camera for my birthday (thanks, Dad!) so I was a little sentimental.





The view from the boat, playing with white balances.





And I think this structure below looks a little bit like a space ship, though it was just a cool glass covering over the hot tub.








Again, palm trees make everything better.




And we played a little bit.  Yay surfing.  (I obviously didn't take the photo of myself, thanks Nate.)





Now I'm back and working like crazy again, but I going to try a little harder to stop and feel the sun, look at the sky, make some new friends.  I don't think I need to go to the Caribbean to do that!





Photos from our stop in Haiti on the blog tomorrow.