Devereaux Mansion Reception

  The Devereaux Mansion has got to be one of the coolest reception locations in Salt Lake City.  It's in the very heart of downtown, right next to the Gateway Mall, and you could walk by it without hardly even noticing.  It's far enough back from South Temple that it feels set apart and private, and it is one of the most gorgeous pioneer-era homes I have ever seen.  Here are a few of my favorite detail shots from Kara and Chris' wedding reception there.





Thomas worked in a cabinet and carpentry shop for a couple years when he was in college, and he kept freaking out about all the woodwork in the mansion.  I don't know much about moldings or other things like that, but I do know it was all fabulous!  


Not much beats an awesome patio for an indoor-outdoor reception.  I thought this location had the perfect mix of space inside and outside.







The catering from Temple Square Hospitality was superb.  Truly amazing food....







Cool place, cool day, cool clients. Stay tuned for the rest of the photos from the reception.