Dueling Pianos

  My sister's in town this week!  So, we took her to the dueling pianos at Keys on Main last night.  I love going there on week nights because everything's just a little more relaxed.


Now, in the story of my life: before there was photography, there was music.  I've always needed an artistic outlet, and I've sung all my life and played most every instrument at some point.  I actually studied Music Education at BYU.  Here's the thing, though:  I grew up listening to jazz, classical, my mom's favorite music (usually stuff from the 40's), and occasionally my sister's music in the car.  So, my knowledge of music theory might be strong, but my the song I actually recognize???  Well, my repertoire has definitely been lacking.  So it is amazing to just sit in a piano bar on Wednesday night and hear a huge variety of different styles and songs all with insanely talented musicians and a friendly bartender to serve our non-alcoholic drinks :)  I'm learning new songs, enjoying the music and the emotion... Very little compares to good live music.  And I was excited to get some cool photos last night.



There was an awesome saxaphone player!




And my two favorite pianists.  First, Kendrick.  This guy is an entertainer.  Along with many other wonderful songs of course, he managed to successfully and impressively sing Lady Ga Ga's "Poker Face" last night.  And the crowd went wild!





Then there's Rich Wyman.  When I first heard him sing, I just sat there with my jaw dropped.  He has such a unique style in his voice with so much passion for the music, it's contagious!  He has released several albums of original work and also recently released one called "Songs I Wish I Wrote."  It's my new favorite "I've been sitting at a computer editing for too long and I'm going crazy" music.  Refreshing and motivating, full of emotion.  I love it!


Check out his website

Buy his original music on itunes

Or his new album on CD Baby




I loved how the lighting worked in these shots too.  Perfect atmosphere!


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