A pinch of this, and dash of that...

I love food.  Really.  I told Thomas once that we could live in a cardboard box as long as we could go out to a really nice meal once a week.
...BUT... I hate to cook.  I despise spending hours in the kitchen only only to create a crummy tasting meal.  Or inviting people for dinner and having it be perfect right at 6pm....  only for them to arrive late.  The meal ends up cold, usually microwaved to heat it back up, and usually isn't satisfying at all!
I don't like the clean up much, either, but that's a different story.   :)

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who is a great cook and is interested in learning more about it.  So, in an attempt to get me away from the computer and my 70-hour work weeks, we finally decided to take some classes together.  I tried putting work behind me, but of course took photos while everyone else cooked.  Then I ate the food.  It was a perfect evening for both of us!

Thomas and I both LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian food, and so I am very excited that he is experimenting with more Indian dishes.  The woman teaching the class is opening a restaurant and publishing a cookbook.  I may or may not have some news soon about the photographer who will be doing the photos for the cookbook.  Needless to say, working one on one with a chef as she cooks through her recipes to parade in front of a camera might lead to a few more lessons for Thomas.

And someone has to eat the food, right?  We wouldn't want it to go to waste, after all.