La Guitarra

  In a land far, far away, called Austin Texas, I once knew a boy named Kyle.  Kyle was a happy kid, a source of energy and enthusiasm and always had a reason to smile and laugh.  He and I shared several music classes in high school, then he went to North Texas and I wen to BYU, both studying music.  This magical website called Facebook helped me get back in touch with him and discover that he moved to Madrid a year ago! Decided he was ready for something new, so he set off to explore the world.  I felt so lucky to have a tour guide and a translator there in Madrid and on top of all that, his music was amazing!



The first night Thomas and I were in Madrid, we went to an open-mic night in an Irish pub.  I happened to have my camera, so I snapped a few photos just for kicks.




Then we set up a more organized shoot to take pictures while Kyle was busking.  (Note - busking is a word I recently learned, it refers to street performers. Set up a guitar case for people to throw money into and then turn on the entertainment).  It was awesome to do these photos - a musician in his element, the passion of the music showing through, with people around and a very cool setting.



I played around a bit with the D800's video feature (first time doing video!) and here are a couple clips of Kyle performing in Puerta del Sol:

Clip # 1

and Clip #2



I wasn't able to get all the photos I wanted because we had to spend a large portion of the time trying to fix camera equipment... it was so stressful!  But I'll post about that tomorrow.  Here's my favorite shot from the night: