Happy People




Sitting in a McDonald's in Dublin, watching the sky go from sunny, to cloudy, to rainy, to dark, to sunny, to rainy... etc.  I have one more day in Ireland, then headed to London in the morning! I don't have tons of time, but I just wanted to say how much I love happy people.  I've had the chance to meet up with swing dancers several times this week, and there are people who are amazing dancers, and there are people who are beginners. The people I enjoy the most though, fit into both categories - they are the people who love the music and have fun.





As a photographer, there is nothing better.  Real emotion.  Real people.  Loving life.  And I'm so grateful for this community of swing dancers also.  I was introduced to the Lindy hop scene during high school in Austin, TX, but really got into it with the swing club at BYU about 6 years ago.  I was dancing 15+ hours a week in Utah, but also took weekends to travel to other cities for Lindy Exchanges, where a city would host a weekend of dancing with workshops and classes and people traveling in.  It was a thrill to meet the people, have such an intense training of the technique, and usually some good live music also.  As luck would have it, Annie and I ended up in Galway on the same weekend as one of these events, the Galway Lindyfest 2012.  There were amazing dancers, lots of events, and everyone was so accepting.  We have something in common which makes us all like family.  I feel so grateful for all these awesome people we got to meet, the great dances, and a new experience.






These are the photos from day 1 of the event, my favorites are from day 2, so check back tomorrow for more fun and style!  People got a little more dressed up for the next dance also, it was fun to see all the outfits.