Hello? Helloooooo?

  Sorry we've been MIA this last week everyone!  We bought a home in West Jordan and have been packing and unpacking like crazy people.  One of the joys* of new home ownership is switching over utilities and bribing/threatening/kidnapping the internet people to come hook you up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it took longer than I would have liked, and doing a blog post from my phone is a little too gnarly for me.


On the plus side, Thomas and I bought a house!  We are incredibly excited about this, and love love love the new neighborhood and our new home.  I have already begun the process of deciding where all the different prints should go (new walls, new decisions! ), and we had an awesome barbeque at our place yesterday with some new friends.


I'll add some photos of the place tomorrow!















*No actual joy included in setting up utilities.  To receive your joy, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:


1234 Never Going To Happen

Never Ever, NO 99999