Noteworthy- Riverwoods Concert

Tonight Thomas and I went to the Riverwoods Mall in Orem for their big reopening-Christmas-lights-lots-of-little-food-stands thing.  Noteworthy was performing on the brand new outdoor stage right next to Tucanos (mmmmmm.... Tucanos).  I was asked to photograph the concert for some candid shots they would use for promotional photos/facebook profiles.... just as important, right?  Loved watching them sing and ended up with several photos I was happy with. 
After the concert, Riverwoods had an awesome "We-know-it's-not-even-Thanksgiving-but-we're-still-going-to-celebrate-Christmas" ceremonial turning on of the Christmas lights all around the shopping center.  So I will pass that along to y'all:  Merry Christmas!...  6 weeks early.  Yeah...

They shared fun facts about each member of the group between songs.  Katie Jensen's special talent can be seen below. 0.O