Holladay Family

  Thomas and I had a lot of fun at this family portrait/ 1st birthday baby shoot.  The Holladays were awesome to work with, and little Benjamin was absolutely adorable!



I love this park.  It's quite possibly my favorite spot to do family photos.



Little Ben was quite the poser.... he was pushing himself up into a sitting position, and just kind of stopped when he got halfway up so he could look at his parents and the camera...




I loved the outfits that they had for Ben!  This orange button-up was perfect for summer.



Ben was so cute when we got his cake in front of him... he was pretty timid at first, just kind of poking at it a bit.  Brooke actually had to take a bit of the frosting and put it on his nose and mouth before he tried it.  As soon as he tried it though, it was like a train just building up steam.  First fingers went in to get licked off, then one little hand was reaching out for more at a time, and within about 3 or 4 minutes he was double-fisting huge handfuls of cake into his mouth.  Not just frosting either, but actual big chunks of cake.  He ate about three quarters of the cake before we were finished!