2013 Comes to a Close... Weddings in Review

  The clock struck midnight and everyone cheered, kissed, danced, hugged...  My phone buzzed with messages of gratitude,  messages of well wishes for future, and  messages of love, friendship, reflection.  I had a few moments to sit and reflect as well.  While there's nothing particularly different about the moment of midnight December 31st than any other moment, I still like to join everyone in reflection - what made this year great?  Another 365 days of life.  What do I want next year to be like?   Reflections and Resolutions.   I am grateful for 2013, for the challenges, the growth, the learning, and the many people who have impacted my life.  I've photographed some beautiful moments and worked with many beautiful, loving people.  That's why I like to photograph weddings:  There's very little more rewarding than seeing the way a bride and groom look at each other, recognizing TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES.  I believe this is true every day, but I love capturing the moments when people are so aware of it.  It's inspiring.



As I stated at the beginning of the year, we were only going to accept 10 weddings in 2013.   We aren't keeping the same limit for 2014, but I'm glad we did this.  We stayed true to the limit, though I did take a few photos at my older brother's wedding (I couldn't help myself!).  That was a special day.  Such a unique, emotional experience!  Sometimes I think it's easier to hide behind the camera so no one knows how sentimental I am - They might not be able to see the tears that way :)




Here's my brother and his wife, Nathan and Liz: Ceremony and reception at South Padre Beach, Texas






I want to thank each couple for contributing to my year.  Thank you for inviting me to be there to witness and capture such monumental moments in your lives.  I feel incredibly humbled and grateful that my job includes opportunities like this.  Here's a photo-review of each wedding day in celebration of you!





1. Mattie and Carston

Ceremony: Bountiful Utah LDS Temple

Reception: Wight House, Bountiful UT








2. Kiera and Brandon - Los Angeles California LDS Temple







3. Michelle and Sam - Salt Lake City LDS Temple







4. Kathryn and Merrick - Timpanogos LDS Temple







5. Britney and Taylor

Ceremony: Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Luncheon: Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Reception: Huntington Beach, California







6. Jordyn and Colton

Ceremony: Timpanogos LDS Temple

Reception: Sleepy Ridge Reception Center (Orem, UT)








7. Sarah and Brady  -   Ceremony and Reception: Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT





And yes!! They had a life-sized Jenga game :):):)





8. Alexis and Bret - Ceremony and Reception at Noah's Reception Center







9. Melissa and Nathan - Ceremony and Reception at the Alpine Arts Center, Utah







10. Angela and James

Ceremony: Salt Lake City Temple

Reception: Bella Vista Reception Center








Thank you all for a wonderful year.  Congratulations at this exciting stage of life!  We are looking forward to the future and welcoming in 2014.  As a good friend of mine said, "A book of 365 blank pages starts today.  What are you going to create each day... each moment?"






Happy New Year to all!








Traditions & Tunes

I LOVE when there's an awesome surprise on a wedding day.  I especially love it when really talented people can share their gift. As part of the program for their reception at Noah's in Lindon, Jordan serenaded his new bride.  He played "Marry Me" by Train on the guitar and sang. It was beautiful, and he did an amazing job!


These are some of the happiest cake photos I've taken.... I love all the smiles!!!

Later on, Jordan got his father-in-law and all the guys to back him up with another surprise song- this time an acapella version of You've Got That Lovin' Feeling by the Righteous Brothers.

The photo above is so sweet.... I love the tenderness her dad shows as he dances with her.

Details, Dancing & Departures

Brittany had the cutest shoes!  Both she and Jordan were wearing vans for their wedding day, and a close friend of Brittany's hand-glued all of these sequins onto her shoes.


Brittany and Jordan hired Goodwood Barbeque to cater the reception.  As a Texan, where bbq is a recognized religion, I definitely though it was a great choice!

Brian Harper, MLB pitcher Chicago Cubs, leading the dancing

With dancing at receptions, it can be hit or miss.  Sometimes you don't get very much, sometimes you only get the obligatory tradition dances, and sometimes the wedding party get down with their bad selves.

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, laughing while dancing

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