Rehearsal Dinner

Italy in Texas

  Spending time with the Gees is like being in a Broadway show. Literally, they randomly break out into song (often original music) and others join in with harmonies. It's quite a unique experience. The serenading started at the wedding dinner at Little Italy in San Antonio, Texas.



Katherine's brother Matt sang to the couple.





Then Katherine sang to Matt (the fiance, not the brother).




Then people talked, gave toasts, laughed, and sand. And there was much rejoicing.







Tomorrow we'll post the ring ceremony from Austin at Vineyards at Chappell Lodge.







Rehearsal Dinners

I like rehearsal dinners. They are a great chance to meet the wedding party ahead of time, so that we can be more comfortable with each other on the wedding day, there's usually really good food, and I get to hear stories about the bride and groom that usually don't come up other times. Abbey and Taylor's family are very funny people, and shared a lot of stories about the happy couple that had the whole room laughing. One in particular stuck in my mind as a good example of the type of person Abbey is. She was about 12 and was extremely excited to go to a summer camp. Now Abbey is such a gracious person and she was so sure that she would have a wonderful time that she wrote individual thank you letters to each of the counselors to express how much fun she had..... weeks before the camp even started. We got to see what kind of person Taylor is as well. I'll just say this, it takes a very secure man to get up in front of couple hundred people as sing "Realize" by Colbie Caillat to his bride to be. It was, however, very sweet.

These were just a few photos from the evening at the Sleepy Ridge Reception center in Orem- be sure and take a look at the complete galleries from Abbey and Taylor's wedding here.