University of Utah

's a Party

Receptions are always different.  Some are quiet, formal, and have more of a wine-and-cheese-tasting vibe.  Some are rowdy, loud, and feel more like a huge party.  Janet and Adam's reception at the Point was definitely more of the party variety.  They entered serenaded by a mariachi band, and after a nice sit down dinner got the all the reception traditions out of the way.  They cut the cake, had the traditional first dances, and then got down to business. These people were here to dance.

We're talking about 6 hours of straight party-like-you-mean-it, leave nothing out, grooving to the music.  It was awesome!  They had a 12 piece banda that played for about two hours (they put microphones on all the brass, including dropping one down the throat of the tuba- think I might have knocked a filling loose), and then they let the DJ go to work.  People were spinning, shaking their hips, and having a blast.  Not only were they having fun, but they were good! I got my white girl genes out there and tried, but... well... let's just leave it that in the future I'll leave the latin dancing to those who know what they're doing.

This little girl was absolutely adorable.  With her smile and tiara, I wasn't sure who was the princess today. She definitely gave Janet a run for her money.