A Beautiful World

  I just got off the phone with a client, feeling inspired and excited.  It's funny, because I found myself saying phrases that may sound cliche, but words that ring true for me.  Why I keep doing this.  Why I love my job.  Why I love my life.  I enjoy that chance to discover myself - to hear words come out of my mouth and realize just how true they are.


Just before saying goodbye, I said "Yes! It's a beautiful world out there, and I have the chance to PROVE it."



So there we go!  I found another motto.  I am celebrating beauty - and proving it!





One of my favorites (click on the photo to see it on istock):


Red Rock Canyon - A Place to Sit Royalty Free Stock Photo

This photo was a few months ago, sunrise at Red Rocks Conservation Area - just outside Las Vegas.  I am happy to say I'll be returning to Nevada a few times between now and October.  Next time, I'll be photographing the Valley Of Fire State Park, it's been on my bucket list for a long time!  I will also have time for a few portrait sessions, send me an email if you're around Vegas and would like to set up a photoshoot while I'm there.  whitneylewisphotography@gmail.com