A Walk in the Park

  Madrid.  Some Park.  Not the big famous one called Ritiro, this is some other one.  I got lost one evening so decided to take an hour here just because I could. Spain has taught me to forget my schedule and my rush, just enjoy and appreciate what's around me.  Whether it's eating tapas on the street and waiting 30 minutes for the waiter to bring the check or sitting in the plaza just watching the people... I want to bring this lesson into my American life (which will be difficult, I know!) because I find my days more fulfilled when I apply it.  From today forward, I commit to stop and smell the roses.




When I take this time, I find an opportunity to see beauty when I may not have been looking.  I love the way the sun comes through the leaves and they way everything is so green after it rains.





Back in March I took a trip to Denver and rode the train on my way back.  I spent some time on the train with a National Geographic photographer who was working on many projects, but among them was a book of benches.  I've started to notice benches because in a way I can look at this photo and imagine myself sitting there, taking in the scenery.  And that makes the photo just a little more real to me.  More of a memory, and experience, and less of a picture.