Denver Adventure: Part 3

  The Denver airport.  This building is a work of art.  It looks like  a whole bunch of tents lit up, but apparently it's made of a Teflon-coated fiberglass material that is as thin as a credit card.  So unique.  Because I drove into Denver, I wasn't reminded of the airport until we went to the parking structure to get photos of Shane in uniform.  I had a flood of memories come back from the last time I saw there.  It was about five years ago, I was traveling for a weekend of swing dancing, called the Denver Lindy Exchange.  There was a group of almost 10 of us flying on that plane because of the incredibly low rates of $30/flight, thank you Southwest Ding fares!  An amazing friend of mine came to pick me up and everyone loaded into her van.  Here's the funny part, though.  She got her wisdom teeth out that morning.  So she was... well, a little loopy.  And probably a lot less safe than most of us thought she was!  But it still makes for a good story and everyone ended up making it home ok.



So this was my second time to the airport, and seeing it right after sunset was absolutely beautiful.



For these shots, we used two speed lights for main and fill, and the car lights as backlight.









These shots were taken in the 10 minutes before pilot Shane actually had to report for his flight.  I didn't know if we were allowed to shoot in the airport because of security reasons.  I was honestly nervous someone would decide there was a law against it, but we didn't take any of the security screenings and one of the guards told us it was ok!  And we had Shane there to look official if anything went  wrong.  I think people are less likely to ask questions when you're in uniform!







Photos of Garden of the Gods from Colorado Springs on the blog tomorrow!