Dublin - Part II

The first thing I noticed as I was riding the bus from the airport to downtown Dublin was all the colorful doors.  It was like the little monopoly houses - every door was a vivid color, and they alternated between 7 or 8 colors.  It made me smile to see that.  About a block down from where we've been staying is this very pink door.  The unique part about this one though, is that there is also a very pink bicycle on the porch.  And it looks like the bike is melting.  I can't quite figure this one out, other than to guess that no one intends to ride the bike, it's just for show :)  Still looks cool!

Here's me, shooting on the street.  I love that Annie also knows photography so I can ask her to get a few shots of me, proof that I was there!

The keyboard and drummer from the band last night

And my favorite shot of this bridge.  It is such a modern looking bridge, very unique architecture, and I loved the reflection in the water.

One more day in Dublin, then to Galway we go!!