Happy St. Patrick's Day! - Back to Ireland through a Photo Journey-



May 2012 - My first discovery of Ireland.  I fell in love with the entire country and left my heart there.  The people, the music, the rainy days, cobblestone streets... there's something magical about Ireland.  And one day, hopefully soon, I will return.  Until then, let's all wear some green, work on your best Irish accent, and enjoy an amazing St. Patrick's Day!!!






I wrote often while sitting at cafes and feeling inspired in Ireland.  On the same street as the photo above, I set some of my favorite lines to music; here are the most inspiring words from that sequence:


The cobblestone streets beckon me

The rain on my face makes me free

The people I know and the ways that I'll grow

In Ireland.













  (These photos are all from my visit back in 2012)