Passport and Travel

  I've yet to import photos from Ireland, but I found internet access so I thought I'd drop in and share a couple stories.


First, the plane.  WOW.  This experience was different than I planned.  I intended on getting to my seat, eating the food (hopefully decent, but didn't have high expectations), then sleeping for 5 or 6 hours, getting to Ireland and be full of energy and life.  Instead I found an entertainment system.  I sat at my seat and saw movies and tv shows and everything in the screen on the seat right in front of me.  Sooooo... I was irresponsible and didn't sleep.  And I'm starting to see the consequences.  But when we arrived in Dublin, I bought a couple bags of salt and vinegar chips (or "crisps" I should say as "chips" in Europe usually mean French fries), rode a bus into town, and started walking.  I am amazed at how much history and interesting architecture there is.  And since Annie and I were in such an exciting new place, we had a lovely breakfast at a little shop... called McDonalds.  Pathetic, I know.  But my egg mcmuffin was delicious and we were entertained by a cute old Irish man for over an hour - he was an ex-cop, now a tour guide, and absolutely obsessed with American history.  Specifically, the Irish influence on our country.  I feel educated.  Or something like that.


My thought about having a passport and traveling though - speaking with this Irish man, he commented on how America is like several different countries all right there.  Some Europeans can't grasp the idea of Americans going throughout their lives without ever owning a passport.  But it's pretty simple - we don't really need it in order to find variety. Then again, I haven't seen anything like Ireland in my life.  So I'm glad for this chance.


That's all for now!  Ireland is beautiful, and I'm excited for some photography this week.  Check in tomorrow for photos.