Manti Strikes Again

Any time I have an LDS temple wedding, I always try to show up at or right before the sealing time is scheduled to start.  I take some photos of the temple itself (so that the bride and groom can see how it looked the exact moment they were getting married), and usually there are lots of family members hanging around outside waiting for the wedding party to exit.
 001DSC_5978  007DSC_5955

I liked a lot of the candids we got this time, but am ABSOLUTELY in love with this first one above.  Whenever I end up having a little boy of my own, he will definitely be dressed in suspenders and a bowtie.  Every day.  He can sleep in them.  SO... DARN... CUTE!

I love wedding photography.  I love happy people.  I love real moments.  And I love being there to capture them.  As the bride and groom walk out of the temple and kiss for the first time publicly as husband and wife, I love seeing the look in their eyes and the expressions of their parents and family.  This is why I do what I do.

I think my brain melted a little from the cuteness of this next one...  little kids when they are all dressed up are also some of the best parts of a wedding day.

 030DSC_6335  079DSC_6297

♪ "Caaaan you feel the loooooove, toniiiight?" ♪♪

 009DSC_7030  013DSC_7058

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding you two!