BreAnn & Jon Formals

  BreAnn and Jon were actually married about 3 years ago.  We shot an "engagement" shoot for them the fall after they were married, and BreAnn  said that one day we would do a formals (aka "groomals" and "bride and groom photos") shoot for them.  Formals are one of the more common sessions we do, whether they are about to get married, whether they are already married but didn't quite get what they were looking for.  Sometimes we'll do a formal shoot if wedding day coverage doesn't quite fit into the budget, and most of all we'll do formals if the couple just wants to have awesome wedding photos where we are free to pick the location, timing, flow, and feel of the session. Formals are my absolute favorite type of shoot to do.




I absolutely fell in love with this staircase.  I love the contrast, the texture, and the colors!  It was only after we finished that we noticed the signs warning about dangerous rust of the supports and structure... :-/


Well all's well that ends well, right?






I love shooting with some more direct sunlight, because if you do it right, you get that perfect backlighting to make the colors pop, and still get the fill for your couple.






And this last photo is actually just one I stopped and snapped on a whim as we were walking by on our way to the car.  I looked over, and just had to stop.  Such a gorgeous building!