Brittany and Scott's Formals

You might remember Brittany and Scott from the post where I shared possibly the greatest way to meet/marry someone EVER. As it turns out, Scott brought along his "modeling clothes" so we could properly document them for posterity. Blue's a good color for him, right?

Both Brittany and Scott looked great in their formal clothes, and we had an amazing time tromping around Aspen Grove above Sundance. All my clients have different reactions to what I suggest, and I'm always psyched when I say "Hey maybe we could go over there- I think it would be an amazing shot, but we might get the dress a little dirty or it might be a little awkward to walk over there, what do you think?" and they immediately say "SURE!" and start moving on into the underbrush. We got pretty far off-road, but really found some amazing locations.

I really loved the scrollwork and beading Brittany had on her dress. Both simple and elegant.

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