Kandis & Greg - Part 1 (Formals at Sleepy Ridge)

  Kandis and Greg were married yesterday!  I loved getting to hang out with them and their families. I could completely tell where Kandis and Greg got it from, because each of their families were as cool as they were.  They are just some of the nicest, relaxed, and genuinely positive people I have ever met.




We actually did a two part formals shoot for Kandis and Greg, and the first part was where the reception was to be, at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course Reception Center.  I believe I have already mentioned how much I love this venue- it's absolutely gorgeous!


We did a "first look" with Kandis and Greg in the upstairs ballroom, or the "Sunset Room".  For LDS weddings in particular, a formals session that includes a first look can be a huge advantage, and a source of some fantastic memories.  At the beginning of the photoshoot, we'll set up the groom and then let the bride come out and turn him around.  Because it's just us, we can take all the time we need and get some great photos of the groom seeing his future bride for the first time in her dress.  It's awesome, and I can't recommend it high enough if you get the opportunity.   Greg and Kandis were particularly cute with their first look.  Greg just looked completely dumbstruck, and they both took their time together, just enjoying the moment.  I'm pretty sure they actually forgot Thomas and I were there for a bit- and I loved it!




Because Thomas and I met dancing and it was such a huge part of our lives for so long, we are both suckers for a really beautiful (and danceable!) wood floor.  The floors in the Sunset Room are to die for.  And the really high arched ceilings aren't too bad either... ;)







Sleepy Ridge not only has this gorgeous reception hall, but being right on the golf course means there are some really great views for outdoor shots as well.  As it happened, we got some really wild colors in the sky that night, and the wide open vistas were really able to show them off.




One of my favorite times to shoot is what my friend Kenneth Linge calls the "blue hour".  It's the time right after sunset where the reds, oranges, and yellows have all gone, and we just start getting these deep blues in the sky.  It's so romantic, and just creates a mood that you can't really get any other time of day.







Congratulations Kandis and Greg!  You guys were so fabulous to work with yesterday, and I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon in Las Vegas!   I'll be posting part two of the formals shoot from the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square tomorrow, so be sure and check them out.