Keepin' Austin Weird

Some people like Christmas.  Some people go all out for Thanksgiving.  Jenn's family LOOOOOOOOOOVES Halloween.  They have got some of the coolest and most unique decorations in their house that I have ever seen.  Even the most subtle things are switched out to celebrate Halloween- to the point where you do a double-take and realize that yes, those white lace curtains actually have little ghosts in the embroidery.  So when Jenn and Jared got married near the end of October the reception in Jenn's backyard was BOO-utiful!

Bad news Future Brides- too many shots like this and I will have to abandon the wedding industry and become a food photographer (and Taste Tester!).... even looking back at these photos, I start drooling.

I love how the confetti looks in the photos, but I sure don't envy whoever had to pick it all up after everything was done!