Heidi & Steve: LDS Summer Wedding Reception

  This final post for Heidi and Steve has some additional newlywed photos that we took outside of Sleepy Ridge before the wedding dinner and reception, some family and group photos we took upstairs in the Sunset Room, and some fun tradition pictures from the reception itself.  Heidi and Steve were both so great to work with, and I hope y'all have had fun seeing some of the different photos from their wedding this week.



The Garden Room is really pretty, especially in the summer, but if I had to pick my favorite spot at Sleepy Ridge it would definitely be the Sunset Room.  The wood floors, vaulted ceiling with the huge chandelier, and all the windows that let in just the right amount of light.... yep.  Definitely my favorite.





Cutting the cake and feeding it to each other is always a moment of truth.  No matter how many weddings I go to, I can never quite predict what will happen.  Will they feed it ever so nicely to their new spouse?  Will it be a cake-pocalypse with frosting and baked goods permanently mashed into the pores of the skin like some delicious lotion?  I never know.  I have seen some of the quietest, most laid back people I have ever met go to town when it comes to cake-smashin' time.  I think this is an example of one of the things I like best about weddings... they are always the same, and yet always different.  You do just about all the same things at 99% of the weddings that happen, but each and every one turns out differently.



I am so glad we decided to open up the french doors going into the Garden Room so we could see out into the patio for the dancing.  Getting to see the post-sunset blue sky and all the lights strung up over the patio really helped set the scene.



Heidi and Steve decided they wanted to make sure they were comfortable when they blasted out of their party and on to their honeymoon.



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