Lindsey & Ben

I think Lindsey might be the most beautiful bride I've ever photographed.  She has such poise and a perfect smile.  I know her family because I took several photography lessons from her father, Kenneth Linge.  I've learned so much from him and felt so honored to be there with the family as the photographer (ok, maybe a little bit nervous too... and trying to remember everything I learned from my lessons!)
The wedding was at The Getaway at the Cascade Golf Center.  It's this amazing little building at the highest point in Orem overlooking the valley.  The view is absolutely spectacular!

Lindsey is one of the sweetest people I have met.  I was so glad I was there to show record how happy she and Ben were...


We stopped by the Riverwoods to shoot some newlyweds the same day as the cermony-  we got some fantastic shots!
Relaxed? Check.  Colorful?  Check.  Sweet textures?  Check.  Awesome laugh?  Check.