Maria & Jonny: Formals at Memory Grove & Salt Lake Capitol

  Maria and Jonny were married last Friday at Log Haven up Mill Creek Canyon.  It was a gorgeous day and quite the party.  I had a blast, and am now able to share some of their formals session that we did a week before the wedding.  We went to Memory Grove and the Capitol Building in downtown Salt Lake City.



I love love love this first photo. The light is so perfect, and highlights how stunning Maria is.




Awesome sky? Check.  Sufficiently dramatic pose? Check.  Oozing self confidence and general fantabulousness?  Check!



Isn't Maria gorgeous?  I loved her dress!  So elegant...



I love me some sweet sweet reflections!  It's like they're standing on mirrored glass...



And when the sun goes down, you get that perfect time known simply as "the blue hour".