Saltair Formal Wedding Photography with Andrea & Danielle

  This shoot was a fun mix of casual and dressy, elegant and fun.  Andrea and Danielle were married a couple of months ago, but I was booked for their wedding date and so couldn't be there for the photos on the day of.  We scheduled this formals shoot after the wedding, and it was really nice and relaxed.  While this wasn't a trash-the-dress shoot like Brittany did recently, Danielle didn't have to worry quite as much as we would have if her dress got a bit dirty or where we was needing to walk.  She wanted a more casual feeling so she wore flip flops for the session, and Andrea went without a tie.   These two are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and we had a good time walking around the Great Salt Lake getting different bridals and different shots featuring both the bride and the groom.



One of my favorite angles/locations at Saltair is this area where you can get the same clean, almost sterile landscape that you can get at the Salt Flats- without having to drive an extra two hours! :)











This is another favorite area of Saltair.  It's called Sunset Beach, and it's AMAAAAAZING.  Perfect angles to get backlit by sweet sweet sunset colors, foot-friendly rocks to stand on, and convenient access to parking.  It's got it all.