Shelby and Steve- the saga continues...

On March 27th Shelby and Steve, having been officially pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Law, continued their streak of downright miraculous meteorological good fortune. I've blogged before about how things just seemed to work out perfectly for their engagements and Shelby's bridals and how we got exactly the weather we needed when we needed it. Well, this one took the cake.
While we had had some spotty bad weather up in Utah County the day before, we figured it would probably be warmer and nice and clear down in Manti. Driving 100 miles south should count for something, right? We had an early morning ceremony, and so as we were driving along still half-asleep we didn't really pay too much attention to the surroundings. As we got closer, we started noticing with surprise and a little bit of alarm that everything was covered in snow. ...A lot of snow. The roads were iced over, and it was looking a lot more like the beginning of January than the end of March. We get closer and about 30 miles out the skies are completely black, with huge dark clouds EVERYWHERE. We get about 25 miles away and it starts snowing like crazy. We're talking full-on heavy snowstorm here. 16 miles out and it's still black skies and snow everywhere you can see. Now we're getting a bit nervous.
Then, somewhere in the last 10 miles or so, we see the smallest speck of blue. As we continue, it gets bigger and bigger. Finally, in the very last mile before we get there, the sky is completely clear. In fact, it is some of the bluest, most beautiful skyline I have ever seen, with huge puffy white clouds interspersed. Not only is there no snow on the ground, but the grass is green, and the roads are bone-dry. The only hint of the weather north of us is a breeze that admittedly feels like the icy touch of death itself. I'm serious, that wind was just lazy- instead of going all the way around you, it just took the short route and went right through you. But the point is, everything looked gorgeous! And with photos, that's all that really matters, isn't it? ;)
I tell you... these two be living right. Somebody up there must really like them to go three-for-three with the awesome weather.
This is what we got. Other people get snow, we get perfection.
Manti Temple, Wedding day, Blue skies

Ring closeup, Smiling Newlyweds
Coming out to greet the adoring masses....
Leaving the temple, Husband and Wife

Steve, laughing, groom
Like a fairy tale.... oooooh yeah.
Serious faces, Manti Temple, Newlyweds, Dramatic

Rock wall, hugs and kisses

fisheye, lens flare, Temple, blue sky, kiss
Love the bouquet..... and the tender moment. :D
tender moment, bouquet, purple colors, bride and groom
The happy bride and groom, outside the reception dinner...
reception, luncheon, dinner

wood wall, silly faces, happy couple
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fisheye, making faces, silly group, wedding party