Utah Bridal Photography- Trash the Drash Shoot at Great Salt Lake

  Any long-term blog stalkers I have will most certainly remember Brittany and Jordan.  I shot their engagements and their wedding last winter, but we put off bridals until after the wedding.  Brittany wanted warmer weather for the shoot showing off her dress, and doing it this way we also got to take some shots you can't really pull off before the wedding. Mooostly because more often than not the gown isn't really all that wearable afterwards.  Since Brittany and Jordan live in Wyoming now, it took a while before we could coordinate the session.  I was especially excited for this shoot for a couple of reasons- first, I wasn't took sure it was going to happen (most brides and grooms that schedule after-the-wedding bridals/formals/whatever don't usually end up going through with it because by then the LAST thing they want to do is get dressed up again). Secondly, and most importantly, Brittany is the type of gal who is willing and eager to do absolutely and everything I possibly suggest.  It's fantastic!


We got several traditional style bridals at Saltair showing off how gorgeous she is and how awesome the dress was before we got to trashing it.



What's that hint of purple under her dress you say?  Why, her trusty purple galoshes of course!  I thought they were super cute, and they definitely came in handy a bit later...




Ok, now we start having a bit of fun.  Where can we go that we normally wouldn't be able to?




Whether it was wading out into the Great Salt Lake, sitting in the mud, or climbing up on a rickety gate, Brittany knocked it out of the park.  Look at how fantastic she looks!




Of course, it goes without saying that we took plenty of opportunities for Brittany to twirl around and stomp as hard as she could.  It kind of brought to mind the sheer joy you could have as a little kid playing around in puddles and mud.  That never really goes away... :D



Be sure and check out the full gallery from the shoot here (more to come as they get finished).  At the end of the day, we decided that Brittany's dress still looked a little too good, so stay tuned for a future post.  Brittany and I are both excited about the possibility of doing a another shoot sometime where we light it on fire!


It might be a while before that shoot though.  Brittany is insanely busy starting her own salon in Laramie, Wyoming.  It looks like it's going to be fantastic though, so if you happen to be passing through and need an awesome stylist, you should definitely check out Studio220.