Brittany & Scott- Summer Wedding Reception at Springville Museum of Art

  Brittany and Scott's wedding reception at the Springville Art Museum was beautiful, and full of gorgeous color and details.  There was nothing overdone or over the top; everything was wonderfully put together.






It almost never fails- every time you cut the cake, you've always got the peanut gallery supervising to make sure the job is done right.  .... And to taste that it was done right.  Right?




So, near the end of the reception we managed to sneak out for just a few minutes and take a few night shots outside on the grounds around the museum.  We had a beautiful clear night with an awesomely bright moon.



I've said it before, but if there are any brides-to-be here stalking the blog and making little notations of what to do and not to do- here's a HUGE one:


If at your reception you can include lots of lights all around different places, it will make your photos 1134% better, and your photographer 9999% happier.  Bistro lights, little twinkle lights (like we have in the background here below), lots of candles or lamps... it's doesn't really matter.  However, the addition of some nice muted lights in the background turns a good photo into a really stellar one.  It will make the difference of having a well lit (if your photographer knows what they are doing) person in front of a dark (or completely black) background, and a well lit person standing in front of a interesting background with depth and texture to it.  Light, or the lack thereof, is everything.



This next one might be my favorite.  There aren't too many people willing to just hang out in the center lane on a busy road getting their photo taken as cars go whizzing by, but something about this photo below just blows my mind.  Maybe it's the sheer attitude that these two have.  Such a cool couple!



And of course, as we were having fun taking a few awesome photos by ourselves, Brittany and Jordan's friends were having fun by themselves with Jordan's car. :D